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We are private advisers and art market experts specializing in modern and contemporary art from Latin America.

We are passionate about contemporary art and proud to offer a platform for connecting Latin American artists to the U.S. public.

Our Guiding Philosophies

  1. Must love art. We only work with and for clients who absolutely love art and have a deep respect for the artists that create it.  While we are happy to have a conversation about contemporary art as an asset class, we approach art investing as an additional benefit enjoyed by collectors.
  2. Education. Our advisory model is founded on educating our clients so they can learn how to make independent choices guided by connoisseurship and art market expertise. We share all we know with them: our sources, contacts, and biased opinions.
  3. Always offer our honest opinion. This is our most important value! While we always listen to your wishes, our role is to be your strongest advocate. Acting as such requires our absolute honesty when it comes to the quality of the artworks we bring to your attention (or the ones you bring to ours). We take this responsibility very seriously and are happy to advise against pieces we don’t believe are in your best interest to acquire–even if this means walking away from lucrative commissions.

Professional Bios

Maria Antonieta Leininger

Maria works directly with clients assisting them in the design and management of their art managed accounts. She is responsible for implementing comprehensive development strategies and partnerships with key alliances. In addition, Maria directs benchmarking research and art market analysis for contemporary art from Latin America.

An avid traveler and contemporary art enthusiast, she joined Latin Contemporary in 2011 after serving as VP of International Sales at Chase Manhattan Bank, NY and Banque Safdie (SP), amongst others. A native of Sao Paulo, Maria is fluent in English, Portuguese and French. She is a graduate of the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado and the Lycée Pasteur. She holds an Executive MBA in Economics from USP, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our Internship Program

We offer seasonal internships to graduate students looking to gain real art market experience. In the past, we have worked with students majoring in art history or other fields like business administration, interior design, and law.

We are always looking for independent thinkers who can bring their own ideas and creative projects to our attention.

To qualify, please email us your cover letter and resume at

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